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Activities Feb-July 2011

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The EFS Learning Circle (LC) is one of the main activities in the EFS project.

It's also an inspiring way to get to know your colleague classes, students and teachers.

Parallel to the LC we invite you to identify one (or more) activities that helps to make your school (more) eco-friendly.

The motto of the EFS project is "Think - Act - Do".

During, the thinking, the Questions and Research and answer phases of this Learning Circle offers you access to the creative thinking of your fellow learners.

The idea is to compose a question that will help you to create an activity done by students in the comming months.

Your ideas, inventions, results, your efforts to make your school more eco-friendly will be visible in this wiki.

Yet you also have the unique opportunity to present them at the iEARN Youth Summit in July 2011 in Kaohsiung, Taiwan


EFS1  Redstone Public School, Linda Binicki, Richmond Hill, Ont, Canada 
EFS2  Redstone Public School,  Stephanie Ratti - Richmond Hill, Ont, Canada
EFS3  Notre Dame De La paix des filles de la Charité, Mr. Charbil Chidiac, Lebanon 
EFS4  HBS, Hajj Bahaa Eddine School, Mr. Salem Zaklit, Saida, Lebanon  
EFS5  Sg.St.-Canisius, Mr. Maurits Kamman, Almelo, Netherlands  
EFS6  Het Nieuwe Eemland, Mr. Olaf Kop, Amersfoort, Netherlands  
EFS7  Elde College, Mr. Arie Wels, Schijndel, Netherlands  
EFS8  Libanon Lyceum, Mw. Willeke Versluis, Mr. Dico Krommenhoek, Rotterdam, Netherlands 

National Taichung Girls' Senior High School, Mr. H.C. Tai, Ms. Wendy Huang, Taichung, Taiwan 

EFS10  Fenghsin Senior High School, Ms. Doris Wu, Ms. Maggie Sun, Mr. Kevin Tsai, Kaohsiung, Taiwan 
EFS11 Fwushan Junior High, Ms. Carrice Chang, Ms. Sally Chen, Ms. Grace Hou, Kaohsiung, Taiwan 
EFS12  Jhengsin Junior High School, Ms. Margaret Chen, Kaohsiung, Taiwan  



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