Previous eco-activities

Your school might already have done Eco-friendly activities in the past. We are curious to find out about it!

We invite you to share these activities and the outcome on this page to inspire your LC-partners.

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Three  years ago  7th, 8th, and 9th graders at “Our Lady Of Peace” school launched a minor recycling project for school waste within the framework of “My School My Community” and divided the school waste into 3 baskets: paper waste, Biodegradable materials and miscellaneous; this way we could decrease the total rate of school garbage by 50 %, and that only made one third of the overall citizenship project “ I am not a child  … I am a citizen” That we implemented with the UNDP who filmed a documentary about it, and aimed at motivating students and preparing them to be effective citizens in the community where they belong.

                Two years ago,  the students invited other schools in the area to the municipality and explained how every school could decrease its garbage and start such a project and be the seeds in their community where other people will imitate them and do the same thing, and that was what made our project “NDP GreenWave” which Became the Project name, and that consists of different ecological activities such as volunteering services in the surrounding green area for cleaning the wood to resist fire, and inviting parents to help us to rehabilitate an old hiking track and open it to public to encourage eco-tourism … and of course our waste management program is continuing and we expanded our efforts to cooperate with an NGO that will take batteries to recycle them in Egypt.

                Last year every student started to pay the project forward through teaching an adult how to manage his own waste and making him send us his paper waste and batteries.

This year, as a part of NDP GreenWave activities, students of Our lady Of Peace school, have distributed more than 150 shopping bags, made, by students themselves, of wool and cotton, and booklets explaining to people the importance in using this bag for shopping, instead of “Conventional plastic bag” which needs more than 120 years to be decomposed after being thrown in addition to many other  “inconvenient realities and statistics” related to plastic bags.

All this took place in 24th of December 2010 and it was a lovely occasion to wish everybody a Green Christmas!