Welcome to the Eco Friendly Schools Project 

Think – Act – Do

Schools are important anchors in our communities. A learning community where we also have the responsibility to guide students on their learning path to become social and responsible global citizens in the 21st century in a world that faces many challenges. Challenges that are not the sole responsibility of governments, yet of each and every one of us. The Eco Friendly Schools Project appeals on students to think, act and do.  The project outcome will be presented at the iEARN 18th International conference in Taiwan.
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Hoi Rosana, jij bent vlug... haha :-)
Prima als jullie zelf je naam toevoegen, maar wel graag voornaam - achternaam, om verwarring te voorkomen
En ben je een vrouwtje dan graag een rose poppetje er voor :-) greet


Dear participants, we have received to messages about students being in "mid-term" exams or in "test weeks", please post same message in wiki, so your fellow learners are aware too.

Though the final date for posting the answers is April 17th, we really would like to read on the answer pages about your research in progress.

What is your approach in finding the answers? Small teams? Peer group feedback? let's un know please...

For the twitter users, please find the @globalteenager tweetfountain het on the front page; #learning circles and #ecofriendlyschools will appear :-)

Greetings, Bob