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Week 10

Monday May 09Sunday May 15 2011

Complete Survey and post goodbye message.
Official closing of the Learning Circles by the goodbye message of facilitator.


EFS 1 - Redstone Public School


Dear Global Friends,

It was an honour to be working with you for the last 2 months. It was a pleasure to work and learn with you, about your countries, and their perspective on saving water and the earth. We learned a lot about water conservation. I learned that we only have 3% of fresh water on earth, and only 1% is accessible. I found that very surprising, because we use so much everyday, and it could be gone so fast. We learned tips on how to conserve for the future. I learned tips like, having shorter showers and turn your tap off while brushing. By doing this, I can save a lot of water everyday. We asked questions to clarify and to get to know your country better.

We enjoyed researching your questions because we found them a little bit challenging. Some questions needed a few hours of research. We learned just how different you are to Canada. Canada has a huge supply of water compared to other countries. I think our school enjoyed the fact that we all wanted to conserve water to save it for many long years to come.


Thank you for all those hours you put into writing to us. I think we as a whole can make an impact. The fact that we learned about the world and what’s going on, maybe in the future we will achieve our goal at saving this world! I think this was a great experience.


Thank you and goodbye!

The Intermedate students of Redstone. 



EFS 2 - Redstone Public School


Dear Global Friends,

Hello,global friends. I’m a student in grade 8 from Redstone Public School, Canada.

It’s been wonderful working with you all. I’ve learned different situations that are happening in other countries that I haven’t realized in the past, such the different habitats that each country has and how preciously you treat them. For example, in Netherlands, I found out that you guys use water-saving showerheads and toilets that everyone in each family can use to save water. In Canada, we have the most supplies of fresh water in the world, so I haven’t recognized that other people in different parts of the world would be in need of saving water habitats. It was a very eye-opening experience for me to know your point s of viewsof the world.

I’m grateful that I got this opportunity to commutate with all you, because it made me realize that I’m not the only person living in this world and that there are many other people, too.  I learned that what I do can influence others. I probably wouldn’t have had this great chance if it wasn’t for the ‘global friends program’. I wish everyone good luck and I hope that all of you would have fantastic time during the rests of your school year. Even though I didn’t actually meet any of you, I learned a lot from you and I’m thankful for that.



Intermediate students from Redstone.



EFS 3 -Notre Dame De La paix des filles de la Charité

We guess this is it! ... It was a great experience and a unique opportunity working with all of you from all over the world, sharing our experiences in this interactive initiative that became part of our curriculum twice every year!

Thanks to all the students working with us from all over the world, for the teachers, for Mr Bob Hofman, the facilitators… and a special THANK YOU to Mme Eliane Metni for everything!

Georges Bernard Shaw once said: “If you have an apple and I have an apple and we exchange these apples then you and I will still each have one apple. But if you have an idea and I have an idea and we exchange these ideas, then each of us will have two ideas.”

                                                                                                                                                              Grade 8 Students and M.  Charbel Chidiac





EFS 4 - HBS, Hajj Bahaa Eddine School



   We would like to thank all those who supported us in this project and who were always ready to answer any question and clarify all instructions.


Thanks for all the participant schools, and we appreciate your concern in responding our question. We enjoyed a lot sharing new ideas and communicating with each other despite the long distances. It was a great opportunity for us to participate in such project. Environment means a lot for the Lebanese people as well as all people in the other countries. Saving environment should start from schools. Communication between students of different schools is very important to achieve this goal and because we were convinced with the objectives of this learning cycle, we found ourselves very interested to join it.


Big thanks to the organizers of the learning cycle and all participating members…





EFS 5 - Sg.St.-Canisius


Dear students and colleagues,


On behalf of my students and colleagues who participated in this project, I would like to say goodbye and thank you all for this co-operation. It was great to work together in project concerning our world's future. We have learnt a lot, like various solutions of saving energy. But we never noticed that at school we are doing too less in order to make our school and its environment more eco-friendlier. So, in short. The project has just begun. Now, we have to continue and make others aware of the necessity of becoming eco-friendly. This is thanks to you!


Kind regards,


Maurits Kamman 




EFS 7 - Elde College


Thank you all for letting students from Elde College participate in this learning circle. In essence we learned a lot around being “eco-friendly”.


We realized that we can do a lot more at school and in our home with the ideas and thoughts that all the others had around being greener.  First step for us was awareness. 


Throughout different project that are starting and continuing we will be think about the responsibility we all have. In June two students will present a project about “green IT” (www.eduvator.info)  
In the beginning of the next school year new projects will start. Bring green back into the schools is one of the ideas we have. 

Thank you all for the input and creative thoughts we have brought together. Thank you for the organizers and all the participants.







EFS 8 - Libanon Lyceum


Danique and Bauke:

We would like to thank all those who supported us in this project and who were always ready to answer any question. We liked to join this project.                The response we got were very good and we will see if we can make them true. Time went fast, but luckily we had enjoyed. We hoopso every school and studend enjoyed the proces and they have learn from it.

Goodbye, and I hope that this project has become the beginning of a green earth.



EFS 9 - National Taichung Girls' Senior High School




     Time flies. I just can't believe that two and a half month has passed in a blink of an eye. Bob's visit to TCGS was like what just happened yesterday. I still can clearly remember how we racked the brain, trying to think of interesting ideas for every task with the hope of catching everyone's eyes. However, now it's time to say goodbye. This project really means a lot to me. During the process, I not only learn more about ecology, but also get lots of creative ideas from different cultures and different mind. Thank you so much for teaching me many unique things that I would never have a chance to learn in class. Wish you all the best!



     Still remember that I always faced a lot of obstacles during the process, still remember that I always racked my brains to come up with more greening ideas, still remember that I always stayed up late for the projects......, however, no pain no gain and I really had a great time and benefited a lot about greening. It’s never easy to say good-bye, but we have to. Thank you all, good-bye and take care. Never forget to keep GREEN!!!



     Time passes so fast. Now it is the last week of this project. In the process of discussing issues, resolving problems, and thinking up new ideas, I found that I not only acquired knowledge from different countries and schools, but also improved my ability to deal with many things. I’ll miss EFS so much after the project is done, and it will become an important memory in my life.



     In these two months I am always thinking about how to reduce garbage, save water or recycle wastes more efficiently, and now I can’t believe that this project is coming to an end. The reason why I joined this project is that I realize we have done many serious things to earth. Though most of us still live a happy rich life, we cannot ignore that many people or animals suffered a lot from climate change and global warming.


I have to thank Principal Tai and Bob for giving me this chance to join this project. I also want to thank my partners and Miss Huang, who are always supporting and working with me. Though this project is going to end, my determination to go green would never end!




EFS 10 - Fenghsin Senior High School



Joyce: I am very happy to have this special and rare chance to join this fantastic project. I really learn lots of things not only from other schools but also from our school's teachers and friends. It really took me lots of time to finish this project, but I get lots of useful experiences and knowledges. After this project, I know how to reduce the waste of natural resources. Thanks to Bob, every school's teammates and teachers. Because of you, we can finish this project and learn lots of things from each other. What a wonderful project it is!


Kevin(Chuang):I’m so glad that I can join this project, and also do some eco-friendly things to make the world better. Although these things can’t change the environment too much, our action and effort will make others to be like us. People said that “A penny saved is a penny earned.” In addition, I also learn many methods to be more eco-friendly. Last, thanks to Bob, teacher Doris, teammates and teachers. Because of you, this project can be so smooth.


Esther:  This project let me learn a lot of things. For example one of the school ask us to make flashmob movie! It is very difficult! I asked my classmate to help me, but no one had time. And we even create a song for the flashmob! The story about the song is too long, so I can’t tell you here! But we didn’t use it finally. Instead, we say” never make the earth become another moon” and “protect now enjoy forever”
Overall this project help me a lot, I’m glad to join this project.


Lucy: During the global teenager project, I learnt that there are actually many students all over the world trying to make this world a better place, starting from the school.There are many ways for us to improve our environment,keeping good habits of ourselves,or simply follow the rules that our school or country makes.
This activity gave us an opportunity to exchange the ways that we did to make our school eco-friendly,with students from other school and country,which gave us more ideas of what we can do in the future.


Winnie:  This is my first time to participate in Eco Friendly School this project. This makes me pay much attention to think about what we can do and how to protect our environment by doing recycles, and so on.  In order to answer the questions of the other school, we decided to hold a “Flash Up” at a park. It did take a lot of time, but after I see the result, I know we have done such a difficult mission. And I also want to say thank you to my team mates and those who came to the “Flash Up .” Without them , we can’t finish this project on time!!


En-ya: It's novel that I joined a project researching, which were done with such many global high schools. Joining the national events gave me a mew experiment. The topic for "Global Teenager Project " this year was"Eco-Friendly". Our school made a subject, which was "How do your school deal with the resource-wasting of the textbooks?" At the same time, we recieved other schools' questions. The questions for our team were "Making the flashmob video about green"and"green elecromotor." Making the flashmob video brought us a big challenge. Even though we have heard about the flashmob, this was still a new job. Also, the grade two students said it would be a hard work. By planning, practicing, revising the project, at the Central Park we finally made the flashmob video on our own. The errors happened in the process, the arguments between the members of our team, and so on. While avoiding they let our result become more successful to show on the project. Also thanked my classmates of Class 12 Grade 1 for their enthusiastic help; and the one who were in our team: Esther, Ken, Julian, Kimberly, Valentine, Thanks for all your assistance. On GTP, I learned about the importance of "Team Cooperation", everyone must do their responsibility in order to make the team become better and better. Especially thanks Esther, our great chief. Without you, we wouldn't have such satisified project.



In the activity, eco-friendly school, I learned so many things. The most interesting thing is to answer the question which the foreign students want us to film a film. I though it’s not so hard. When I started to do it, I though I am wrong. It’s so hard for me to do this activity.We had less time to do this activity. We would become a flash mob, and did it in Kaohsiung Central Park at three o’clock PM. Why it’s hard? Because my group had to find about twenty classmates to take part in this activity. But thanks for our classmates’ enthusiasms, we finished it smoothly. Besides it, the last step, video clips, is also a hard part for me. I spent about three hours to finished it. It’s my first time to do it by myself.

Through we had some unexpected things happened, this is the most meaningful part.Finishing the activity is so tired, but very worth. To protect the earth, even though it’s not very important, we are still take it serious.After all, we only have one earth.



By doing the project this time,I learn more about my country that does a lot on environtal protection policy, and I also learn more about what another countries do on eco-frindly. On this way, it's not only help us get involved in our Earth, but protect it as more as we could. This is really a great experience that I have ever experienced. I think it's really my pleasure to join this project.


顏靖軒: This special experience turns me into more mature because I just know if I have the ability to finish that others ask me to do; However, I don’t satisfy them due to I don’t do well enough, yet I won’t err again.


Jasper: I’m so glad that my English teacher let me join this activity. During the activity, we asked other schools or other countries some questions of eco- friendly. We also answer their questions. By their questions, I realize that there are still many environmental issues we have to discuss and understand. Also, by their answers, I can know how their schools or countries to try their hard to save the environmental. It’s really a special and meaningful activity for me.


張舉虹: Through this activity, I have had more knowledge about eco-friendly and also learned many methods of ecological protection from different country. It’s a precious experience that I’ve widened my sight. I’m so glad that I had such an opportunity of taking part in this activity.


Jeremy: This project has surely broaden my horizon. What’s more benefit is that I’ve been extent my ability of organizing information systematizly. Nevertheless, there are plenty of methods for saving our environmental problems.


Elaine: I'm really glad that i can have such a good opportunity to join this project. I learned so many things in it, such as the difference between our school and other school.The most important is that how we make our planet green and protect our environmental. It is a really meaningful experience in my life.



EFS 11 - Fwushan Junior High







EFS 12 - Jhengsin Junior High School



Time flies. The project is going to end. Thanks to Bob and all members. Because of your full support, we've experienced the wonderful learning circle. The students have a lot to say:



At first, I think this project is difficult and wastes much time, but now I think it is interesting. I learn a lot of things from this project. For example, I learn how to avoid food waste, how to recycle water, and now I know more how to love our earth. I feel a little sad to end this project.



At first, when I knew I had to do this project I was very nervous because I did not have any confidence on the topic. It seemed difficult. In this project, I saw my class was working, including me. Before I did this project, I was lazy to find the information, and now, I try my best to finish all assignments. I am glad that I enjoy this project! I can do it!



I like this project because I notice many things that can be done to save the earth. Everyone has a power to do something. Our world is for all the people and all animals in the world.



I learned a lot of things in these days. I also learned a lot about team works. We can’t ask our teammates to do every thing; we need to work hard to do the project better, too.



I am glad to work on the project these days. I believe that everyone has learned many things from this project, including me. In this project, I have learned different countries and people have different ideas to do reduce, reuse, and recycle. To exchange ideas with one another is helpful. The environment is very important. The earth is the place we live. If we don’t protect it, we can’t live here forever. So I think everyone needs to act, not just to say.



After reading so many ideas from other schools, I learn a lot. And also I feel that saving energy and recycling are so necessary and urgent. If we do not begin to do it, it would be too late. If our environment is destroied, we would end up with no place to stay. The project is so interesting and important although it does take a lot of my time. I am so happy that I have the chance to join the project and learn so many different ideas. I hope that we would learn more from each other and protect our earth together.



For these eleven weeks, I have learned a lot of things, like how to protect the earth, and how to reuse, reduce, and recycle. But it was really tired because I needed to use my rest time to do the project. But I enjoyed the project and sometimes I forgot to do my homework. I think doing this project is very wonderful!




For these weeks, I have known many things I do not know before, and I learn many things, like: How to reuse, reduce, and recycle, and how to make earth better then now. I am happy to do this project, although I am tired and sometimes my parents are impatient me to do this project.




I think these 11weeks I learn how to protect our earth, and know different ideas. I think in the project the most difficult to me is to read the other schools’ answers. English isn’t our native language, so English is a little difficult to me. I think do this project is fun,and this project let me know we need to protect our earth.    




Every school gives us a lot of ideas on saving the earth. We know many approaches we didn’t think before. And some are we knew before, but we didn’t do it. We learn so many during this project. It gives us some creative ways to save energy. And tells us how to do that more efficiently. We go from “think” to “do”, in schools, on streets, and at home. We know if we want to protect the environment and save the earth, everyone has to reduce, reuse, and recycle the energy.



This project is a challenge to me. For instance, doing the summary is a little difficult. There were a lot of words I didn’t understand, so we divided the article into three parts, so we could read one part in each week. And also sometimes we didn’t have any ideas for the project, we would ask teachers or even surfed the internet. I learn practical ways in the project, so I can do it fast and easily to save our earth.



After those weeks, I really learn a lot in the project. For instance, I think I can do this kind of project more successfully. I also learn how to work with others and team up with them happily. Although we have a lot of difficulty during searching the information and discussing the questions, after these weeks, we finally complete the project. I am really happy. This project makes me work hard than before.


Jolin :

In this project I know answering the questions well is not easy. We have to understand the question, look for information for the question, discuss with our group members. Now I know how to cooperate with my group members. I am very proud that I can enjoy this project. I get a lot in this project.


Kenny :

This project let me learn how to do many things. Also, I can answer many questions. I learn how to recycle food waste, like giving to the farm, feeding animals, and making hair dye or soaps. Sometimes I didn’t know how to do the project, I asked my teacher and classmates, and I search the internet. We have to protect our MOM--- the Earth!!


Alice :

This project let me learn many things. And I also had some problems during the process. When I didn’t know how to do the project, sometimes I asked my classmates and my teacher. I think I should use the dictionary or the internet to find the vocabularies which I don’t know by myself. If we have the chance next time, I will work harder than this time .




I worked hard at this project at first. I enjoyed finding the information and pictures because I could learn a lot of new things in it. I enjoyed working with others.I was proud of myself when I finished the project.

Until I had the difficulty, I started to be a little lazy. But now, I passed the difficulty! I finished the project! I am happy!




I like to do this project, and I worked hard at first. I read the ways from other schools, and I found words I didn’t know. I took the notes when I read the comments. It helped me a lot, and I learned a lot of things on this project. But in the end, I was a little lazy. I didn’t spend much time like before. So, I think I will spend much time for it next time, and be more careful.



When teacher told us that we have to do this project, I was really excited and worked hard. After I started to do this project, I felt tired and a little lazy. When I started to answer the other school's question, I thought it was really difficult.But now I'm really happy and I think the project is interesting. When our teacher told us that our project is going to finish, I felt a little depressed because I learned a lot of things in this project.









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